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A binary format containing read information mapped to a genome sequence. Format output from SAMTool. Read in GenomeTraveler can display alignment.

Hits - 231
Synonyms - Binary Alignment Map

To do it collectively. Batch operation.

Hits - 697
Synonyms - batch
Batch Homology Search

Function of collecting homology search by using many features as a query. Implemented on IMCGE or higher edition of IMC.

Hits - 460
Synonyms - Auto Homology Search Homology Search by Selected Feature
Batch Primer Design

Design the Primer Set for collecting a large number of regions collectively. Implemented in IMC.

Hits - 652
Synonyms - Batch PCR Primer Design
Binary Best Hit

Even if you replace Query and Subject by homology search etc. the relationship that becomes the best score in the list of hit Subjects.

Hits - 597
Synonyms - BBH

Affymetrix's array file format. Includes probe position information on the genome. It is used with IMCAE or higher.

Hits - 328