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What is Floating (Dongle) Permanent Licnese?

  • To launch in silico biology software products, a product use license is required. There are two types of product usage licenses, "Fixed License" in which only one device is used (fixed) and "Floating (Dongle) License" in which licenses can be moved freely. I will explain the floating (dongle) license here

What is a dongle?

  • The dongle has a shape like a USB memory and plugs it into a USB socket of a PC or Mac and uses it. The picture below is an overview of the dongle (SafeNet Sentinel Hardware Key) adopted by In silicic Biology. With a floating license, we will use this dongle as a licensed device
  • Photo of dongle and cap
  • The picture below shows the dongle inserted in the PC. The LED lights up when it is operating normally
  • Dongle inserted in PC

Benefits of using a floating (dongle) license

  • It is convenient for frequent license movements can be moved immediately
  • Even if the maintenance period is over, you can move the license
  • Note: In the case of fixed license, you can not move the license after the maintenance period is exceeded. During the fixed license maintenance period, you can move by following the procedure

Disadvantages of using a floating (dongle) license

  • It occupies USB socket while using software
  • It is necessary to carry a dongle whenever using software to be certified

Switching floating license from fixed license

  • License change procedure is required

Update floating (dongle) license

  • Update license expires one year after floating license purchase
  • Although you can use the software without updating the license, you can not download / install the latest software after exceeding it.
  • Once you update your license, you can always download and install the latest version
  • When the format of usage data such as array and next generation sequencer is changed, we are making improvements at any time as necessary, but these improvements are reflected only in the latest version
  • There is no need to send back the dongle to update the floating license
  • Activate the update software (SecureUpdateUtility) in the attached CDROM to generate a license update request file
  • Attach the generated file to an email and send it to in silico Biology.
  • The license update file is returned from in silico Biology Corporation as attached to the mail
  • Dongle update method

You need a screwdriver to use the dongle

  • On a PC or Mac that uses a dongle, you first need to install a dongle driver
  • The dongle driver is included in the product CDROM
  • You can also download it from ISB's website

Save downloaded latest installer

  • For the software products developed by ISB, the installer is stored in the directory / folder that you normally installed
  • If you do not renew the license, we recommend that you do not delete this installer because you can not install the installer after the expiration date
  • These installers can run on the same PC or Mac as long as they are homogeneous (between Windows and Mac OS X)

When the dongle breaks or becomes damaged

  • We will exchange breakage or breakdown of the dongle during the maintenance period without charge
  • In case of loss, it will be charged. Rates vary depending on the situation of loss

Trouble using dongle via USB HUB

  • If you use a dongle via USB HUB, the dongle may be damaged. If possible, please use USB socket of PC / Mac.

When a dongle is lost

  • If you are lost in the dongle, if you wish to reissue, in principle the new purchase fee for the corresponding software product will be charged.
  • However, if you can guarantee that a lost dongle will not be used by third parties, we will reissue the dongle by paying dongle change fee.
  • However, only if it is within the license renewal deadline.


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