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Trial Use of IMC and License

  • The trial license can be activated for 3 days.
  • Please check with the trial license whether the current environment is suitable for IMC operation.

How to obtain a trial license

  1. We will enter the online shop "eShop in silico". Please enter from the main menu.
  2. Select the product (other than update) you want to try and click.
    • Detailed information on that product will be displayed in the middle part.
    • At the same time "trial version corresponding to the selected license" is displayed on the right side.
  3. Click the trial version icon.
    • Detailed information on trial license is displayed.
  4. Click + on the quantity to 1.
  5. Put it in the cart.
    • The contents of the cart will be displayed.
  6. Click on the order procedure.
  7. Register an account in this shop.
  8. Check "Register new account" and click Continue.
    • Items required for registration are as follows.
    • Your name (name), e-mail address, password (number of characters, restrictions on the type of letters used), address, municipality (selected from the list), prefecture (selected from the list), check on privacy protection CAPTCHA
  9. If you are already registered, enter your user name and password and click Continue.
  10. "Click on the long name button that will move to the settlement site by the credit card company (in the case of trial version, you will return immediately without moving to the settlement site)."
    • This trial version does not move to the settlement site even if this button is clicked.
  11. The trial version order number will come back soon.
    • Product name is "trial version", total is zero yen.

You are now ready to get a trial license.

  1. Click "View account / order information" on the third line from the top of this message.
    • If you have moved to another screen, there is a similar sub menu "View accounts, order history, download" under the eShop in silico menu.
    • Your account information page will be displayed.
  2. Click "Download".
    • The trial version installer (Windows version, Mac version) and download list of the installation guide are displayed.
  3. Click the download icon to download it.
  4. For the installation and activation of the trial version, please see the following.
  5. IMC license installation and activation