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Mechanism of Activation

  • IMC can be activated up to 23:59 of the expiration date with the purchased license.
  • For each license, you can use only one PC or Mac at the same time.
  • You can activate IMC on the PC or Mac on which license activation was performed.
  • If you deactivate the active PC or Mac, you can activate the license on another PC or Mac.
  • The number of activation and deactivation is unlimited. You can repeat it anyway.
  • It is also possible to activate and deactivate continuously on the same PC or Mac.
  • There are online operations and offline for activation and deactivation. This allows you to activate and deactivate PCs and Macs that are not connected to the network. In this case, the license will be handed over to another PC or Mac connected to the network.
  • If you activate the IMC with the license not activated, a dialog will be displayed prompting you to activate it. You can use it to activate. You can also activate and deactivate by double clicking the start key or activation shortcut.