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How to Activate License (for Windows)

  • You can not use the purchased license just by downloading and installing it.
  • Activation software is installed at the same time as installing IMC.
  • If you activate (activate) the license using the activation software, you can start IMC and use it.

Activate license

For Windows

  1. From the start click in silico biology, inc. -> ShortCut 4
    • The ISB Software Activation window will be displayed.
  2. Select Activation via the Internet.
    • At this time, if the current Internet environment is via a proxy server, click "Options" to configure the proxy server.
  3. Click "Next".
  4. Select Login to My ISB Software Account and enter user ID and password.
    • User ID and password are registered when ordering.
  5. Click "Next".
    • A list of purchased (including trial version) licenses is displayed.
    • You can activate the license for the line whose status is "unused".
  6. Select "Unused" license and click "Activation".
    • If you are already activating one license on an operating PC or Mac, you can not activate it unless you activate deactivation on that PC or Mac.
    • When you select the line whose status is "in use on this PC", you will be able to click the "non-activation" button.
    • A confirmation message "Do you want to activate IMC XXXXXX?" Is displayed.
  7. If you confirm the license ID, license type, expiration date and correct, click "Yes (Y)".
    • An activation completion message is displayed.
  8. Click "Close".
    • The activation dialog closes.
  9. Double-click the IMC icon on your desktop.
    • The IMC starts up.
  • If it does not start up here, please see "IMC does not start".
  • Please refer to "Using IMC for the first time" about operations after startup.
  • If you are using a Mac, see "Activating your license (Mac)".