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Forum GenomeTraveler

Forum on "GenomeTraveler", "Request", "Question", "Future development plan", "New release function"
In order to make it a better product for users, please give me a frank opinion and request.
In addition, user registration is necessary for browsing "requests" and "future development plans" and posting topics.
Your submission of questions about GT:GenomeTraveler is quite welcome. Your user ID is requested when you submit a topic.
21 トピック 27 返信 akr さんのアバター
Please report any trouble or bug that you encountered when using GT:GenomeTraveler. You kindly describe the trouble or bug in detail so as to accelerate our "cause" investigation and repair.
10 トピック 13 返信 akr-sp-1212728882 さんのアバター
Re: GT: A bug in the colored coverage profile is reported.
by akr-sp-1212728882
9 年 9 ヶ月 前
1 トピック 1 返信 akr-sp-1212728882 さんのアバター
Please tell us about improvements to the functions and operation methods of GT (GenomeTraveler) products. Even trivial points do not matter. To post a new request, please click the New Topic button.
6 トピック 13 返信 akr-sp-1212728882 さんのアバター
Re: 描画速度
by akr-sp-1212728882
10 年 10 ヶ月 前
5 トピック 2 返信 akr-sp-1212728882 さんのアバター
GT: A new mapping method using SlideSort will be soon released.
by akr-sp-1212728882
9 年 8 ヶ月 前

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