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IMC W512A Plasmid Map Drawing Dialog Items Explained

Plasmid Map Explains the role of each item on the drawing dialog.

For details on how to operate, please click here.

Plasmid Map Layout Style pull-down menu: Here is the list of registered Plasmid Map Layout Style. It is not displayed when nothing is registered.

Set button: Applies the selected Plasmid Map Layout Style. When a style is applied, its contents are displayed in the Circular Lane List.

Diameter of Circle text field: Enter the diameter of the outer circumference of the plasmid map as a pixel value (positive integer).

Definition text area: The character string entered here will be displayed in the center of the plasmid map. It is possible to break the line.

Font Size pull-down menu: Select the font size from the pull-down menu.

Italic checkbox: When checked, the character string is displayed in italics.

Restriction Enzyme list box: This is a restriction enzyme list for displaying restriction enzyme recognition sites. A list is given one row for each restriction enzyme, and check box, restriction enzyme name, recognition sequence and cleavage site are displayed.

The recognition site of the checked restriction enzyme is drawn on the outer circumference.

Font Size pull down menu: You can specify the font size of the restriction enzyme name.

Circular Lane list box: A list of registered Circular Lanes is displayed. It is displayed from the outermost Circular Lane. Changing this order changes the position of the lane.

The list is described on a single line for each Circular Lane. Each line item consists of selection check box, Circular Lane Description, feature shape on the lane.

Circular Lane List box operation button tool: Circular Lane There is a button tool for operating the list box.

Add button: Create a new Circular Lane.

Edit button: Edit the selected Circular Lane (only one can be selected).

Delete button: Deletes the selected circular (multiple selections) Circular Lane from the list.

Up button: Move the currently selected Circular Lane up one line.

Down button: Move the currently selected Circular Lane to the next lower line.

Save the Style button: Save the layout style of the current Circular Lane with a name so that it can be used later.

Draw button: Draw a plasmid map on the right Canvas with the current settings.

Drawing Canvas: This area draws the plasmid map. It is the size of the specified printing paper.

Printing Button Tool: Drawing Plasmid Map · Specify the size of the canvas for printing and specify the output format.

Page Setup button: Sets the size, orientation, margins, etc. of the canvas on which to print the plasmid map.

Print button: Used to print directly to a printer. The output printer is the system default printer. When changing the output destination printer, it is necessary to change the default printer on the system side.

PDF .. button: Outputs the file in PDF format image format.

PNG ... button: Outputs a file in PNG format image format.

EMF ... button: File is output in the image format of EMF format.

Close button: Closes the plasmid map operation dialog.

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