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IMC C23A Feature Operators and Operations

The feature operator generates new features that are AND, OR, XOR of its two overlapping features.

You can specify any feature key to which the newly generated feature belongs.

All overlapping features on the current sequence are processed.

 If there are two overlapping features as shown on the left it explains how the new feature is generated by the feature operator.

In the case of OR (logical sum region), a feature having Position far from each of the two features at both ends is generated.

In the case of AND (conjunctive region), a feature is created that has Position closest to each of the two features at both ends.

In the case of XOR (exclusive OR area), the overlapping area of the two features becomes a join portion, and it becomes a feature that joins the non-overlapping portions.

Here's how to operate it.

Make sure that overlapping features are displayed in the feature map. Overlapping features must belong to the same Feature Key.

Select Genome Analysis -> Creatre -> Overlap Feature ... from the menu.

The Feature Operator dialog is displayed.

Select the radio button of the feature operator.

Select the feature key of the new feature generated as a result of the feature operation from the pull-down menu of New Feature Key.

Click Run.

A new feature is generated as shown on the left.

By the way, what will arithmetic between joined features like the one on the left?

In the case of OR, it will be as shown on the left

In the case of AND, it will be as shown on the left, but for the AND of the middle intron part, there may be pros and cons.

Basically it is computation of the exon part.

In the case of XOR, it will be as shown on the left. This may be for many people.


The target feature is applied to all overlapping features (but between features with the same feature key) on the annotated sequence displayed in the Main Feature Map.

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