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IMC F04G Functions Executed from Linear Genome Map

The following functions can be executed from the multiple linear genome map.

  • Homology search (nucleic acid, amino acid)
    • A homology search is performed on one CDS on the linear genome map against the other genome of the linear genome map and the CDS of the current sequence of the main feature map and as a result the genomic alignment on that CDS in the multiple linear genome map to hold.
  • Gene composition change function for recombination into heterologous host
    • Replace one CDS on the linear genome map with homologous genes in the current genome of the main feature map. At this time, we will automatically change the composition of recombinant genes based on Codon Adoptation Index.
  • Gene cluster alignment
    • With respect to one CDS on the linear genome map, cluster alignment is performed by performing gene cluster comparison with other genomes on the multiple linear genome map, including upstream and downstream CDS.
  • Automatic annotation
    • Run the automatic annotation on the current genome of the main feature map with reference to the linear genome map as the genome.

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