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IMC F04C Change Height, Offset, Filename of Linear Genome Map

Change the genome lane height and offset of the reference genome map (multiple linear genome viewer) and genome sequence file name display setting.

From the menu, click "Settings" -> "Feature Setting .."

The Feature Setting dialog will be displayed. You can change it with this dialog · tab pane.

 To change the height of the genome sequence lane, change the pixel value of Height in the View column and click Apply.

The default height is 60 pixels for 1 lane per genome file, 120 pixels for 1 genome 2 lane.

Increase the pixel value of Y Offset to make the label display area wider, such as when there are many rows of labels.

The default value is zero. Each time you add one label line, take 20 pixels at a time.

To display the genomic sequence file name, check File Name.

To display 2 lanes per genome sequence, set the Feature Arrangement Policy to Two Lanes.

The default value is 1 lane per genome.

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